Hello friends, if you know of any Chinese opera performance in Singapore, you can send information (type of show, date, time, venue and, if you know, names of performers or performing groups) to frannxis@email.com .

You may also send a poster (preferably in JPEG format). Please do not send images in the PDF format.

Several of the posters here were sent by fans/performers.

If you have sent me posters, it may take a few days for them to be posted because I do not check my mail everyday. Please be patient.

Thank You.

You can also post information and posters of your coming performances at https://www.facebook.com/CantoneseOpera

Cantonese songs concert

2 December 2018 (7 pm)
Bukit Panjang Community Club
Enquiries: 97942880, 65060900

華聲玉韻清輝映 · 粤剧粤曲汇演

Date: 22 December 2018 (6.15pm) and 23 December 2018 (2.00pm)
Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Enquiries & tickets: 65366813


12 January 2019, 7.30pm
The Drama Centre (National Library, level 3)
Enquiries: 90665755, 97967208